Every year Microsoft holds its annual Microsoft Build Conference – an all-digital event, to announce the latest technology and advancements it has brought forth. This year is no different. Amidst the coronavirus crisis, where everything is shut down and most places are forced into lockdown, Microsoft managed to host the conference via online streaming.  Click here for more information on the Microsoft Build Event 2020.

Microsoft build is an event gathering great minds from all around the world, to meet in Seattle for two days and exchange ideas. The basic idea of the conference is to celebrate the works of software engineers and web developers using Windows, Microsoft, Azure and other MS technologies. Over the years, the event has been the place to announce technological milestones, with the developers giving seminars and breakout sessions representing their initiatives.

Started in 2011, Build has now become one of the most anticipated events of the year. With new ideas coming every year, the conference has certainly taken the software industry to new heights. Even though, a great event, it does come with a relatively high registration fee – $100 to $2395 for 2019, making it a little exclusive.

Following tradition, the 2020 Build was also planned to be held in Seattle with a price of $2395, however, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the event was cancelled. The conference was later announced to be held online – free of cost!

Being held from 19th to 21st May, the two-day event is focused on the notion of, “a fitting mantra to this unprecedented era we find ourselves in”. According to Microsoft’s website, at Build “we celebrate the critical role of developers and their tireless efforts to rally during this time of crisis. We’ve unveiled a range of new tools and services to meet their needs to provide immediate impact and value, empowering innovations that help organizations and individuals achieve more.”

Microsoft also announced that the conference would include a preview of the solutions the company is trying to build, to help with the current situation. With smart tools and artificial intelligence-driven applications, the advancements are meant to help the CS industry improve its efficiency and productivity.

Some of the key highlights of the conference include:


Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft is launching the Azure Synapse Link that will combine the operational database services and analytics in real-time. It would help the customers improve cost and time efficiency for getting valuable insights without “managing data movement”. The development has been previously launched in Azure Cosmos DB, however, it would now be available in all operational systems.

Updates to Fluid Framework

The tech giant is making the Fluid Framework open source to developers and offering a way for the users to experience fluid.

Project Reunion

Project Reunion is focused on uniting application development processes across all Windows 10 devices. According to Microsoft, “our vision for evolving the Windows developer platform to make it easier to integrate across Win32 and UWP APIs and build great apps that work across all the Windows 10 versions and devices people use.”

Imagine Cup

In order to encourage students to “develop big, bold ideas”, Microsoft is shedding a spotlight on the pitches from the finalist teams of Imagine Cup and announcing its winner. Some of the top projects included ideas that help with mental illness treatment, countering fake news on social media and technology that helps detect early-onset Parkinson’s disease.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

The tech giant is introducing Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare – the first in line ‘industry-specific cloud offering’. The tech is focused towards bringing together “capabilities for customers and partners to enrich patient engagement, connect caregiving teams, and improve collaboration, decision-making and operational efficiencies.”

Microsoft is also developing software to help doctors arrange virtual visits with the patients and provide an efficient and cost-effective way of dealing with paperwork and appointment scheduling.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

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Last but not the least, the company plans to enhance and improve Microsoft Teams by streamlining the experience for developers, allowing them to develop and deploy relevant applications from VS or VS code.